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SF classification meaningless if the entire RM are included.

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Some time ago I had a quite simply hilarious exchange with a former RESERVE SBS about all of RM ALWAYS having been SF lol. I have serious doubts about the entirety of RM ever being considered SF, unless the SF classification becomes meaningless. Special Purpose Task Groups have always existed within the RM, and a percentage of RM have always been highly capable technologically, and have worked alongside the actual SF SBS.
In my opinion some of the RM are delusional about their abilities. Because if they'd been SF wouldn't they have passed the SBS selection? Or been proud to have served on a Special Purpose Task Group? Reserve SBS technically can be considered SF but it is going to be stuffed full of toffs incapable of cutting it in the actual SF.
The new 'Special Purpose Task Group' being formed wont replace the RM, the RM will remain an elite fighting force and most definitely not SF, SF includes technological and personal survival skills beyond the average RM though of course some of the RM will be capable of joining an actual SF group.

“Some time ago I had a quite simply hilarious exchange with a former RESERVE SBS.....”
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