SF Amalgamations?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldChap, Jul 26, 2004.

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  1. I doubtany amalgamation will take palce, me thinks, until there is a joint unit. They stil both have their respective roles to play.
  2. Why were the sbs deployed in the desert anyway .I thought their area of
    expertise was water borne &beach head type stuff. or did someone see
    special on the label and send them anyway .
  3. I suspect that story is in the main, b0llocks. Smacks to me of some gobby senior shooting his mouth off to an excitable journo. It wouldn't surprise me if the 'source' was cut from the same cloth as that lunatic phoney who wrote 'Jihad'...about his adventures pinching Mi-24 parts from Afghanistan during the soviet occupation.
  4. The bloke who wrote Jihad did spend a couple of years pinching MI-24 parts in Afghanistan, what he was lying about was his previous membership, or lack of it, in the SAS. As I recall, he'd spent a couple of years at Hereford in 'Goon Troop' before getting the elbow. If you cut all the SAS crap, I thought it was a pretty good story. A friend of mine in DIS was trying to get hold of him a couple of years back because he had spent time in the bits of Pakistan/Afghanistan where Osama is supposedly hiding out.
  5. Well when I read the story it did strike me that bragging to journos about how much better you are than the SBS and how much they need your help is rather more unprofessional than a SF unit not being the best at missions it wasn't designed to undertake in the first place.
  6. so you brit sf, they like delta force and navy seals? we got an advantage over here cos we got the militia movement as kind of a nursery for sf guys. we got kids who fired a whole loada weapons afore theyre outta diapers!!
    how do you brits manage without such a goood hunters and woodsmen to train for SPECIAL SHIT??
  7. um........I believe FFS......that we hone our skills rescuing US CIA officers from inside a US Prison from CAPTURED TALIBAN Prisoners..........and then.....we dont sing songs about it..........and generally we treat it as an extension of the trade........not a sycophantic cry of 'My god the Snake Eaters are here'. And other than that we over here...........formalised the idea of SF.and put it into practice. I believe in fact that it was Brit SF that actually trained your initial groups....after our expert tuition you took it to go off and feck up.
  8. oh ok thats cool, but brit s.f. never got to train chuck norris!!!!
  9. Chuck Norris is ugly............and hes a gwa....(which aint too bad....I suppose) but Chuck Norris cant act.......and unfortunately for Chuck...his weapon handling skills are shite 8O
  10. but as i was askin, dont you need some good supply of hunters and boys who re good in the woods for s.f.? i just dont see you gettin that in england or europe?
  11. Thats very kind of you but we have enough illegal immigrants to cope with at the moment..........without wishing to be rude can I suggest Canada.that is yet another member state of the British Commonwealth. You can go to Quebec' Canada: where for some reason they think themselves French ......and indeed even speak it after a fashion (they were of course defeated in 1704 by General Wolfe)
  12. :lol: :lol: :lol: hey man!! i ent vlounteerin!! asides, it s a little difficult for me to leave Usa right now, i got to see my damn PO every week :cry: :cry: :cry:
  13. Now see if you were indeed a gentleman a note and your word of honour would suffice :D As a bad boy..........you have to stay there and steam..............is your girlfriend......still your 'Girlfriend' 8O :oops: :? :wink:
  14. oh no man, she was just my cousin,!! nothin serious!