Sexy Summer Swimwear

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mora, Jun 10, 2006.

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  1. This year’s new swimsuits are out, and they’re some of the most revealing and raunchy yet: Don’t bother with the sunscreen.

  2. I've heard it suggested from paramedics that some of these walking bottles of Makeson go for some serious erotic lingerie underneath!
  3. Bet she's a right little minx underneath all that. Reckon she could go like a belt-fed wombat as well?
  4. Stunning and raunchy.

    I'm off on a Haj to the bathroom.
  5. My meat -(halal of course infidel dogs)is also going to get a good jihading!!!!
  6. Without doubt I'd fatwa over her face anyday...
  7. Mods, might I suggest that we move this elsewhere?
  8. Suggest you get some drinking and shagging done.

  9. Droitwich?

    Sounds good to me.
  10. I think they are very riskque, I can see flesh!
  11. They'll look better when they're wet :wink:
  12. Was working in North Egypt last year, and was told the beach was very good (witch it was,miles of golden sands) so went to have a shufti,not a bikini to be seen,all the women were sitting in the shallows in thier burka,s, the guys were having having a great time.What the **** is that all about.
  13. Might be just me but i prefer - bikinis
  14. Presumably Mora you approve of the bright beach wear colours, makes them easier targets for the Israeli gunners?
  15. Now call me a mentalist, but I think that in a way they are somewhat appealing. By that I mean, the women actually have some mystique about them. Whereas on other women you see bloody everything and then there's very little left to discover yourself. However, wouldn't it be a little bit hot wearing one of those down the beach.

    I should add here that that was my level-headedness talking. Had my penis been talking it would have said how it doesn't even know the meaning of the word mystique, and can't get enough of seeing scantily clad ladies.