Sexy phone calls.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by EAGLE1, Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. Heard on a recent (genuine) sex documentary that if you put a mobile phone on vibrate and cover it with a condom then get you missus to place it inside her 'wet zone'. Then give her a few calls at a predetermined time it will give-real pleasure. Anyone tried and tested this one yet?

    Brings a new meaning to dirty phone calls.
  2. For maximum entertainment value, not only should it be set to vibrate but the ring tone should be The Macarena. :)
  3. It would need to be a big mobile for some of the women I used to know - some of them where like a burst couch.

    A slimline mobile would not have touched the sides.

    And before someone says it - yeh I could touch the sides. The BB in my screen name stands for something.
  4. Personally I'm more of a fan of the remote control vibrators, insert the little vibrating pod in mrs pants with a wire to a tiny box that looks like a pager. You have a fob about the size of a car key fob and you can control when she gets a blast ..... it's great when the waiter comes to take your order!!
  5. See and check out a little bad-boy called the Oyster. Much more effective...

  6. Vibrating phonebox ?
  7. You owe me a new keyboard...
  8. I think a phonebox would just about fit in some of the tramps.
  9. Thats the puppy!! Hours of fun!!
  10. Didn't RTFQ try with out covering his phone first? Not recomended best practice.
  11. Careful here. My mate tried this and his phone went missing. He went to retrieve it now he's gone missing.
  12. I find the low tech version of placing a dung beetle in the nickers works a treat, and doesn't require batteries. All those little legs scrabling about down there - tickles her pink.
  13. Ah, Wedgy. I see you've been inducted into the joys of public zapping. Made her wet herself in Tescos yet?

  14. Tesco's, out for dinner, cinema, even when my parents sprung a surprise visit for dinner!! It's the most fun I've had without getting my c0ck wet but then again it does tend to lead to that!

    It's good to meet a fellow sex toy connoisseur big-timer, any other pearls of wisdom you want to share?
  15. There's some dorty slags that could accomodate a R/C car up the minge -one o' those fekking great 4wd things with big tyres. Wack it up her on full throttle............aaaaggh. Wet as an otters pocket.