Sexy Models

Sadly not the 2 legged kind....

But would anybody know where i can get a model kit of an AS90 from?

I think 1/35 is normal military model scale, i've tried ebay, not much luck.


The Accurate Armour kits are beautifully made, but you'll notice the AS90 is about £ 75.

If you've never made a resin & metal kit before, it's well worth having a good read of the FAQs on the site, and perhaps a few issues of Military Modelling to get a few tips.

Bloomin' expensive if you get it wrong. . . .
donkeywallop said:
I did see the models in the Tank museum at Bovington. they might be able to help
mastergnr said:
i can cofirm the model kits at Bovvy are less than twenty five quid....and not bad quality either
I was tempted to add my fivepenn'rth about the Tank Museum gift-shop last night, but feared people might think I'm on commission, because I bring it up so often (and also not sure AS90's were their thing), so glad someone else did.

Edited because I put SA90!!!! :oops:
donkeywallop said:
And i was there with my kids, not looking at the model section and not enjoying myself, honest
You're not local, then? (My only connection). But, from your username, you must be Cav or ex-Cav.

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