Sexy Guys- for the Ladies

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by TankersAngel, May 26, 2007.

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  1. That's what I call sexy :mrgreen:

    you obviously confused the NAAFI with some other site that likes pictures of uphill gardeners - hooped. mk
  2. Bluuuurgh they are all quite clearly homosexuals!
  3. And? They are still men and they do look good. Also, not every male model is gay. It'd be the same to say that every damned good looking sexy Soldier is gay because he hugs his battle buddie and gives him a kiss on the forehead. I've seen that more than once.
  4. Agreed, gopping, poncy poofs the lot of 'em.
  5. ive just asked the missus to look at the pics , and scroll down to the bottom so i can post a reply on her behalf , she assures me they are gay men havnt actually seen the pics i couldnt make a comment , but sha assures me they are benders honest
  6. DEoes the guy in the middle have a hard on or just dirty pants?
  7. havnt seen it , ill ask the missus,
  8. Well this isn't going to last
  9. Don't know about the other 2 though.. First one look stoned. The third sure use suspiciously lot of force to cuddle that pillow....
  10. I kissed my mate once in an attempt to get rid of two hippacrockapigs, it was great!!!
  11. Oh, I like man on man erotica, tell us about it.

    This thread is getting binned shortly, there is no place for this puffetry in the NAAFI
  12. My lips are sealed as opposed to then when they were wide open, I cannot reveal any more details as he's just picked up his commission!
  13. Well I liked the pics
    Cheers :heart:
  14. Surely this sort of thing is against forum rules?
  15. [​IMG]

    Personally I find this much more of a turn on.

    On a personal note its good to see Anya looking so well.