Sexual Olympics?

I have a shed-load of work to do but can still waste time...

Given that the Olympics are about to kick off what events could make up a sexual Olympics (logo - 5 interlocking aresholes)?

Most capacious fanny events:
Greatest number of ping-pong balls that can be fitted in
Most number of fists that can be fitted in
Largest dildo that can be taken (length and girth)

Marathon events:
Longest shag
Most blokes taken in a gang-bang
Most women satisfied to orgasm by one bloke in one session

From slack to spaffing (put me down as a contender for that one)

Relay Events:
4-man relay continuously shagging a bint till spaffing


Most dicks in a chick at one time

Biggest knob (length and girth)

Any other ideas?
Quickest guy to 're-charge' after shooting his load....

How many women can you get through in a set time and you have to blow your load over each one...

Fanny shaving sprint....
The windmilling marathon. 26 miles of running through schools en route and sparking all and sundry out.
I appreciate that whilst quite a few people may well be fucked afterwards, but I'm a bit disturbed that you think this fits in to Sexual Olympics.

Still, whatever wanks your tank.
I would like to volunteer to judge the bedroom gymnastics, points awarded for technical merit and artistic impression. (Oh and bonus points for a decent set of chubbs.)

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