Sexual Harrasment

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by LadyBird, May 12, 2003.

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  1. A new survey made in the Armed forces in my country shows that 33 % of all women in the Armed forces have experienced sexual harrasment, 7 have been raped and 37 attempted raped....By fellow soldiers that is!

    Any such surveys in England?
  2. Not to my knowledge. However I wouldn't be entirely surprised if those figures were similar to the experiences of the British female military.
  3. I can see this quickly moving to the NAAFI bar

    In your own time, watch and shoot, watch and shoot..... ;)

    Post Script
    Of course cross gender issues should be taken seriously, but if we're going there, let's not overlook the breadth of same sex abuse there has been in the WRAC block over the past 40 years.
  4. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Ive harrassed some recruits for being useless w*nkers before - does that count.

    I note the US Mil generally lets them in..
  5. Subsonic has got a good point about wracs getting stuck into each other, my troop staffy told us about his time as a mil training instructor at guildford...

    I also heard what is probably an urban myth about a para streaking down the corridor of one of the wrac blocks in Rheindahlen, who whilst half way down was jumped, taken into the drying room and rogered senseless by a troop of wracs, apparently he was a right mess afterwards...again could be one of those mally club myths...
  6. what about men on men rapes mmm i m sure such things happen
  7. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Not outside of the officers mess...
  8. and certainly not on those long, cold nights up on the jebel either


  9. Keep it on-track or the posts get deleted, this won't be going to the NAAFI as there is a real issue for discussion.
  10. agreed, as im sure male rapes is a very humiliating experience, i certainly wouldn't want it to happen to me in fact i if you think of it that way thats must be how females must feel
  11. Indeed Vespa, it certainly is!

    Sexual crime is generally acknowledged to be a crime of dominance and power, not primarily sexually motivated. Male rapes are carried out more often by heterosexual men than by homosexual men....does that surprise you?

    I don't know the stats (any RMPs out there who want to comment?) but I would put bets on most military rapists being in either in a position of superior rank, or wishing to humilate those of equal rank to them.

    Sexual harrassment is a cheap and easy way for those men threatened by women to 'keep them in their place'. I have to say, I have never had the misfortune to be harrassed in that way, but then men who sexually harrass women are gutless inadequates..............and gutless inadequates tend to avoid me.

    It's a fair comment about the WRAC, although I think some people got a rather overdramatic view of how bad the problem was. It certainly existed where there was a large concentration of very militant gay JNCOs in positions of power. Interesting, i wonder if the same dysfunctional psychological impulses drive female rapists/harrassers as male ones?
  12. I don't know of very many female rapists...It would be interesting to make a survey among male nurses for instance, to hear how many have been raped by female collegues??? Not very many I should guess..

    But as you say Prodigal, it's about power not about sex so the fact that men also get raped (by men) only doubles the problem. Or ..?
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  13. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Not that I would want to argue with anyone with that many posts but I think, if you took out the figures from US prisons here there would be a big change in the above statement.

    And as a general statement, is a heterosexual man that engages in homosexual activities really a heterosexual man?  Bi-sexual I'd suggest.  
  14. Mr Happy, don't be fooled by my number of posts! It doesn't mean I'm clever, just opinionated.. ;) ;D

    I take your point about prisons, but the fact is true outside of prisons as well.

    Ladybird, I was talking about female on female rapes. (this is a really unpleasant subject, isn't it? but a valid one for discussion)

    The cases reported in the US were very much about instructors in basic training camps wasn't it? And also I recall the harrassment incidents involving naval officers and female officers joining their ship. At least that's what's been reported in the UK press.
  15. Ok - living in a secluded little happy country - I can't recall ever having heard of one single female on female rape..... :eek:  but yes definitly an issue.

    I still say that the vast majority of cases of sexual violence involve men as the agressive part; the victims being women, children and other men alike...Just an interessting point. The fact that the Armed Forces are traditionally very male dominated both in numbers and in values/ mentality explains the outcome of the mentined survey....