Sexual Harassment rife in the Army

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tytus_Barnowl, Nov 28, 2012.

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  1. Rife in the Army of 1980 maybe.
  2. Compulsory you mean, practically standing orders back then.
  3. No - just loads of sex, Blue Stratos, Chanel No4 and condoms.
  4. Lawyers get uptight for their clients as the £ signs flash in front of their eyes.....
  5. Channel 4 you say? So probably just made up statistics and quotes taken from this website?

    On the other hand jarrod might have a few minions hanging around.
  6. It exists, as it does in every other organization on this planet. But by no means can it realistically be described as "rife".
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  7. I believe that but according to the report every single woman said they had been sexually harassed. I find that very difficult to believe when at least 20% must have been absolute growlers. Just going by memory here.
  8. I just caught the end of the article, didnt get what prompted it to come to light now but it seems that the RMP lass who killed herself in Bulford was being discussed. Firstly, am I right in thinking that the RN regulators or RAF MP would look into this rather than RMP?
    Anyway, what annoyed me is that all of her accusations were being spouted by C4 pretty much as fact insinuating that an assault had taken place and that she was let down by the system. In light of the recent events would this be the similar to Sally Bercow posting a tweet that whilst it didnt say Lord MacAlpine was guilty, was sufficiently mischievious enough to imply it? If so, time for those RMP lads to call in libel lawyers?
    Probably not, I flunked law in school as most can tell!
  9. I wonder how 'unwanted sexual attention' is judged? Unless you quantify what you consider 'unwanted' then the statistics mean absolutely nothing. If you are actually saying 'has anyone ever asked you out that you didn't fancy or didn't want to ask you out?' then of course you're going to get a high reply. A heterosexual girl may consider a lesbian asking her for a date as unwanted sexual attention but it does not constitute anything that might be considered illegal. If you are asking if someone has ever had unwanted attention forced on them then that is quite another matter. In terms of finding out if there is a problem then I would say the statistics and the question used to obtain them are virtually useless.

    The fact is in the Army there is an effective protection system in that most female soldiers will have a female above them whom they can complain to. In a hospital there was a female and a male CoC so any female that felt she had received unwanted advances had a support mechanism. However, again with such a subjective subject I have known plenty of women who figure everyone is entitled to ask for a date and others who will completely freak if the 'wrong' person asks.

    The Army makes time and effort to avoid bullying and to educate soldiers as to the expected standards of behaviour. Inevitably and especially where alcohol is involved there will be incidences where people will overstep the mark and provided they are dealt with in context then they act as both warning to others and protection to possible victim.

    Equally with bullying you have to be careful to define what might be construed as bullying and what is merely robust behaviour. If someone feels they are being bullied then they should be protected, unfortunately though some people claim they are being bullied because they are being encouraged to operate at a standard they don't aspire to. Generally bullying is best gauged in the eye of the beholder and those around the victim will generally know if they are observing bullying and in my experience they will take steps to ensure the bullying stops.

    With current levels of behavioural education and the checks and balances currently in place I find it difficult to believe that sexual harassment and bullying are either endemic or a significant problem although any occurrence of either is totally unacceptable.
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  10. You have to remember what the definition of "sexually harassed" is. Just calling a female a "bint" can be claimed as sexual harassment. Judging by the reaction I have had from female civvies when I've told some of my more mundane tales, I could have a compo claim large enough to see my great grandchildren happily into their old age. Sensible people however call it "banter" and give as good as they get.
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  11. You're thinking too far down the line. Unwanted sexual attention could be deemed as a female walking into the NAAFI and overhearing a squaddie tell his mates "Look at the jugs on that!"
  12. No you are not right in thinking that.
  13. You must have had a lot of that, but was it unwanted?
  14. I used to get embarrassed when I used to walk into the BMH NAAFI and hear the QA's going 'look at the arse on that'. I learned to live with it though.
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