Sexual fantasy

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wyeman, Jul 3, 2005.

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  1. Anyone put their sexual fantasy into reality?
    Did it live up to expectation or are fantasies best left as such?
  2. You looking for stories that you can sell on to Razzle or Fiesta? (not that I have ever read any such publication).
  3. Yes, yes, no.

  4. My fantasy was always to jerk off in the back of a Saab with Rowan Keating on the stereo. I fulfilled it last month the experience was everything I had hoped.
  5. Yes, have tried some of them. Oh yeh they lived up to expectations & what is the point of having fantasies if you are too scarred to try them.

    Live a little :wink:
  6. yup but when she took the melon out my arse it didnt give me the thrill I thought it would lol
  7. What type of melon was it or does it not make a difference
  8. Scarred gado? 8O Is that physically, mentally or both?! :?
  9. Haven't put mine to reality yet...but I can tell you it will involve DozyBint, a bowl of jello, nipple clamps, a ball gag, a gerbil and 2 star fruit....the only thing missing is DozyBint :)
  10. Right ctauch, that's it, the obsession has to stop! Anyone have the number of the FBI? :roll:

  11. Stop being so frigid you know you love it really
  12. I have been giving thought to my sexual fantasies this afternoon and find it difficult to describe.

    My ultimate ivolves a cluedo board, a lightly oiled wildebeast, some spagetti hoops, a dalek, three tent pegs and the Marching Bands of the philipino air force.
  13. You are a lying twat - you and Corpse live it everyday.

    PS The Philippino Air Force has no marching band - their Marine Corps however..........

  14. You've not seen the suggestions on the PMs! He usually mentions using 90% of the fruit & veg found in Waitrose; the more exotic the better! :?
  15. What brand of spaghetti hoops I am errr asking for a friend.