Sexual Assaults/ Assault - 16 Signal Regiment 86 - 88

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by stevie_r, Jul 17, 2013.

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  1. Anyone else who served at 16 between those years had a letter from the SIB asking them to get in touch?
  2. No but i have just had an e mail from HMRC telling me i am due a rebate BUT ONLY if i download their Form and give them my bank details. Did the SIB ask you for a donation or also tell you that you had inherited Billions of Wonga from an uncle you didn’t know you had. I would just bin it mate they might start to accuse you of something or other - Admit to nuffin awright.
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  3. They are arresting people for being in a Regiment now?
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  4. So they should, 16 Sigs is shite!
  5. 16 Sigs from 84 - 87 was a cracking posting
  6. Quite amusing stuff really, no knowledge of the incidents detailed!!

    No one likes a grass
  7. Funnily enough I doubt anyone Ghana or Nigeria has heard of either 16 Sigs or the SIB.
  8. So you were the git who sold his story to the NotW about the big drug bust with everybody on crack when on stag .

    Fake story and a shit posting.
  9. Have to disagree TBH, 3 years in A Tp and enjoyed it thoroughly
  10. Is that it ? - no more dirt - no more facts; what sort of letter was it phishing ?
  11. It was a letter from the SIB at Aldershot asking anyone who served at Bradbury Barracks between 86 -88 to get in touch regarding a couple of incidents. On phoning out of sheer nosiness and speaking to a female SIB Sgt, it transpires that the incidents in question (of which I had no knowledge) are:

    Someone getting zip tied to a fence out the back of the line bay (didn't say which Sqn), lightweights and undercrackers lowered, a Tele J connected to the old scrotum with croc clips and a bit of cranking going on. I have to say that at this stage I laughed out loud.

    The other incident involved someone taking a (possibly involuntary) short-cut out of a first floor singlies flat window during a block piss up.

    So I'm guessing that nearly a quarter of a century later someone has seen an advert on daytime TV and fancies a bit of compo.
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  12. My favourite bit of compo was the tins of oatmeal blocks in the 10 man packs.

  13. Only up until 88? The nineties was full of stories. The CO being a bad boy (true). The NOTW drugs thing, with most of the guard smashed (bullshit). Orderly Officer shooting out the doors in RHQ (true). 16 had it's fair share of delinquents, largely officers in hindsight.
  14. Stevie. Do not turn up for the "chat" they will offer you. You will be arrested.
  15. Nope, they won't need to speak to me again and besides, the SIB have about as much jurisdiction over me as the cast of The Bill.