sexual assault

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cannon fodder, Mar 19, 2013.

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  1. i got drunk the other night and woke up naked in bed with my platoon sergeant. we were both covered in vegetable oil and had poo flakes down our japs eyes... do you recon we raped each other or both wanted it.... im sexually confused... help me
  2. Help you commit suicide?
  3. You will need:

    Duct tape
    A pipe
    A car

    Tape the pipe to the exhaust. Run the end of the pipe into a window. Clamp the window mostly shut, so that very little air can get in through the crack.

    Sit in the car. Turn on the engine. Put on the radio and listen to a station of your choice. You will feel sleepy.

    Go into the light.
  4. Jeez..another day in the life of 3 para mortars
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  5. it doesnt work with unleaded petrol you cunt
  6. Just be glad it wasn't a full on night on the lash. You'd be properly concerned after that. School nights in? Boring as fuck.
  7. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Yes it does. it's the catalytic convertor that stops it working...just ened to bypass it.

  8. Is that a window of a stranger's house? Because by the time you'd finished listening to the show on the radio, the fumes in the stranger's house might have got a bit hazardous.
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  9. I never mentioned the type of fuel, fucknuts
  10. This appears to be the 22nd such thread that the OP has started.
  11. Bit of a Combat Indicator there. They should either:

    1. Stop drinking
    2. Go gay
    3. Have their internet access limited
    4 All of the above
  12. Christ! 22 Threads and he still hasn't met Jarrod?
  13. more useless threads than a kkk outfit in harlem
  14. Was it Rape seed oil
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  15. Not sure about that?!!
    But it definitely won't work if the vehicle has a functioning catalytic converter.
    So make sure it's an old motor and use the tape to get a nice seal around the window, you're feeding the pipe through.