Sexual acts

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by one_winged_angel, Sep 27, 2007.

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  1. One for MDN.Whats the most putrid vile sex act you've heard of?Most disgusting one I've heard of is a snowjob.This is where yo get noshed off and bint gives you your manfat back in your mouth.
  2. No sex is's all a matter of "taste"
  3. Anything to do with Scat is pretty much up there. Having someone sh1t into my mouth wouldn't really do it for me.
  4. The term is "Snow Balling" - See the film "Clerks".
    Skat films are bloody disgusting, sh!tting on each other, in their mouths, eyes. Smearing hot turds into their pert breasts and firm thighs then having the tight hoop of an asian teenager explode all over her twin sister covering her with liquid poo before licking it off and vometing over each other as they flick each others beans. Damm disgusting if you ask me. Give me a copy of Gwar Monthly any day!!!
  5. It worries me that you know all that!
  6. Only watched a bit of a Skat film ten years ago and it is etched into my mind. I almost threw up cos I was laughing so hard! Oh, those crazzzzzzzeeeeeeeyyyyyy Orientals!!!! :D
  7. All sex is disgusting, women are just plain durty, God told me so. Thats why I shove my partners through a woodchipper after the whores have defiled me, and scrub my Satan-stick with bleach and a wire brush. You can't be too careful.

    Of course, accepting a cleveland steamer from my border collie is fine, after all, he's my best friend.
  8. Having spent 8 years in Germany and having visited nearly every "Gentlemen's Interest" shop within a 30k radius of every camp and barracks, i thought i was pretty battle-harded to most stuff (that was stuff, not snuff) ... but Gwar Monthly?! Strewth!
  9. The one thing that even german porn shops wont sell and a mate of mine got himself banned from one for.

    That is rag week porn men eating down there when the womans got the painters in.
  10. Better Gwar Monthly then (Not safe for work or those with weak tummys :D )
  11. The Tony Danza. My personal favourate. Sadly qualifies as sexual assualt these days. Stupid PC brigade...
  12. Whats a Tony Danza. I've googled it and only got some TV mug.
  13. Gwar Monthly ffs. You sir, are sick.SICK I tell you.
  14. What about space docking
  15. There is nothing wrong with Gwar artistic publications. I find there is nothing quite like the contrast of freckle on a milky white skin to get my lust going, the red hair cascading over a freckly shoulder or even ........ {oops, need to have a cold shower}