Sexting?? Damn!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Mar 5, 2009.

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  1. the increasing wonders of technology... I'm stunned..

    I'm barely able to get the ' snakes' game to work on my cell phone [ it doesn't even have with movie/tunes downloads, GPS, e-mail, uplinks, streaming, photo capture, video, etc.etc. - though it will accept and make phone calls ]

    who knew you could send photties of your scrotum to potential 'clients'?

    potential emerging career? phone-cinematographer.. enhancing porn texting for better pulling results...
  2. Put the phone down and step away from the bottle!
  3. FFS. Links and videos go in the sticky. You've started 2 topics in about 20 minutes, why do you feel the need to post like that? READ THE RULES!!!

    Edited to add linky.
  4. Er you were one of the campaigners to leave it alone.

    Let the moderators do the moderating eh?
  5. Oh, my.. I see to be the target of a backlash against other forms of expression on the NAAFI forum...

    If I had merely wished to draw your attention to an interseting piece of social commentary, I would have posted the 'linky' in the appropriate box , as I am one who is a stickler for protocol.. However, since I was seeking to elicit some 'response[ reasoned, or otherwise] to a new 21st century 'yoof' phenomenon, I placed it in its own thread on the forum, where it could be ' critiqued' on its own..

    I defer, as always to the MODS should they wish to place this elsewhere or in the legendary ' Hole '

    hell, its only the farkin' internet, not real life..[ if it was I'd be bashing a bottle - empty- over your head in a bar somewhere and mumbling drunkenly about your wife ]
  6. Hoorah for Miley Cyrus's Bra.

    Kids up on child porn charges for sending photos of themselves to other kids... WTF kids are kids and have been flashing their bits and sneaking a little peak in the showers for decades.