Sexist Book of Records



Most Lessons Without Pulling Away from the Kerb

As of May 17th 2001, Mrs Eileen Tiptree (GB) had taken 2914 driving lessons without once feeling confident enough to pull away from the kerb or even start the engine. Her weekly lessons involve her getting nervously into the car outside her home in Chelmsford, Essex and sitting whilst her instructor once again patiently explains what the controls are. During one of her lessons in 1986, she plucked up enough courage to briefly waggle the gearstick to check the car was in neutral, before fainting. She has so far spent over £50,000 on lessons, and used 303 instructors.


what is it with women and driving ?

while most women can and do drive sometimes they are good others are total shyte, however some of their sisters just seems to collapse into a pile of jelly or develop barbie doll behavior " oh can't break my nails or mess my hair up in this car " or " its not porsche so im not going in" or worse " im not driving a red/yellow/green/silver etc car " :roll: