Sexiest Rock Band Totty...Ever

Do a torrent search for "Bitchcraft". They are called "Rockbitch" I saw them perform in Salisbury, years ago. They are banned from nearly every ware in europe. It's not evry day you see the leed singer of a band get fisted, whilst performing thrash metal :)


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shirley manson.

end of.
HillDweller said:
Blue/GreenJob said:
The one, the ONLY......DORO PESCH
Watching her support Saxon tomorrow night. Will try and get a pic for you :wink:
Bloody hell, that's going back a long way. Make sure there's some vaseline on the lens.

The MILF-tastic Lita Ford

CardinalSin said:
The MILF-tastic Lita Ford

Dunno about that- it looks like it could have been the lead singer of Poison. Ahir bands were so dangerously androgynous in the 80s. Quite worrying.

Now, Belinda Carlisle on the other hand was the source of many a sex wee as a 14yr old who was in the midst of getting raging lob-ons for no apparent reason:


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