Sex with your sister? Hell yeah! Hell no!

I'm adopted, and still live in the same local area. So I could end up shagging my sister, (if I have one), every successful pull is a lottery for me.

No, Jarrod, I don't know if I have any brothers either.


I have 2 sisters, and they're both mingers. Can I borrow someone else'? Please post photos for my perusal.
If your sister was say, Angelina Jolie????
God that article is so full of bile, I'd like to see him read that to an assembled crowd in the hills in Tenessee.

Knew a lad who shagged his sister after walking in on her and his best mate just as they finished. Lads in the company gave him marks for opportunism but marked him down severely for bad taste 'cos she was about as ugly as he was.


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My sister is basically a female version of me with her own unique set of snags and debatable values.

If the freaky shit going on in my head is even remotely similar to what's going on in her's, I'd be wise to steer well clear.

She'd probably want to shove vegetables up my hoop or poo on me or something.

She's also kind of fat.


Mine has a decent figure now after being porky for many years, however with the amount of aubergine-coloured cock she's had over the past few years means that even my sizeable girth will be a javelin in her Dartford tunnel. :)
I've got two. I reckon one would be up for it at least. No harm, no foul.

If it's been sent from my HTC Sensation using Tapatalk then I'm probably pissed.
One of my brothers might have had a chance. I can barely stand being in the same country as the other one (thankfully that rarely happens) so he's got no chance.


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