Sex toys contain dangerous chemicals

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by armchair_jihad, Sep 10, 2006.

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  1. The Hague - Environmental group Greenpeace called on the European Union to ban the use of chemical plastic softeners in sex toys because they contained dangerous substances known as phthalates.

    "Adult sex toys contain the same toxic substances that the European Union banned from use in children's toys," Greenpeace said in a press release from its international headquarters here.

    The environmental group said it was shocked to find that seven of the eight sex toys it had tested contained between 24 and 51 percent of phthalates.

    "It is unbelievable that such toxic substances can be used in adult toys. We have tested many products in the last few years but never have we encountered such high concentrations," Greenpeace spokesman Bart van Opzeeland said.

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  2. Dont eat them then :lol:
  3. So it's official.....................
    ..........Greenpeace ARE a bunch of w*nkers........! :thumright:
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  5. Fcuk Me!! does that mean Mrs hat's rabbit is toxic? mind you where it gets shoved does it matter?
  6. Does that mean one needs a condom even for some rubber dong bum fun?
  7. Phew! I was worried it might mean I had to find someone with a c0ck.
  8. Hey, if you are totally c0ck-shy I can slap you about with a length of garden hose....
  9. Funnily enough ....... you saying that :wink: ......... no, I won't go on (my neighbour knows my ID)
  10. Dangerous chemicals? Like semen maybe? Oh those sex toys!
  11. Cant say this worries me in the slightest
  12. The research grant for that must have been a laugh to fill in.

    I'm sure many on here could 'cum' up with better ahem 'research' projects.

  13. ..........................
  14. That darn wabbit

  15. I knew Greenpeace were smug bastards but I hadn't realised they were self-satisfied too...