Sex, Thrapping, Coffee & Peanuts Good Your Health

"An active sex life is good for your heart, memory and immune system, and, as a new book reveals, you can boost yours just by drinking coffee and eating peanuts. A good sex life will not only help you feel and look younger — it will also help you live longer. That’s the claim being made in Younger (Sexier) You, a new book written by U.S. anti-ageing expert, Dr Eric Braverman.

He says sex not only raises your hormone *levels (so keeping you young), but can also boost your metabolism, brain function, heart health and immunity. And if your sex life is tepid rather than torrid? Don’t despair, says Dr Braverman. Whether you’re 30 or 100, a combination of good diet, nutritional supplements and some ‘natural’ hormones will restore your drive and ensure you enjoy the health benefits, too.

Read more: Give your love life a lift - and live longer: Sex helps your heart | Mail Online

Well, I never..... Mind you if you haven't got a wife/girlfriend/boyfriend... then a good thrapping in the garden shed is the next best thing. Do this several times a week, and it will keep you sane and happy. It's also supposed to be good for warding off prostrate problems as well. So if you have a bad cold, and don't want to pass it on to your wife/girlfriend/mistress/ boyfriend/milkman/ postman....... go down to the garden shed and have a really good thrapping on your own.... you know it makes sense...!!
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