Sex Slave Cult Uncovered in Darlington


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Where do I sign up :)
Auld-Yin said:
Where do I sign up :)
Sorry but apparently they have a full quota of sex slaves.
Best thing in the Telegraph for ages.
I await the establishment of a "chapter" near me with interest.
I was quite suprised to see mention of a pebble dashed, terraced house.

I always thought the Sex Slave Cult in Darlington was centred around the nightclub 'Mardi Gras' on a Friday and Saturday night.
Its only up the road, i will attempt to infiltrate the sect and if that fails, as mentioned mardi gras it is!
Thought all women north of the Watford Gap belonged to that cult....... :twisted:

Batten down the hatches Mr Christian...we could be in for some stormy weather ahead......... :mrgreen:
I am an ex sex slave, it takes a bit of getting used to but after a few years of service, you move up in the ranks and start earning whilst training new recruits.

The sect is very secular and it's not a case of joining, it is a case of Selection!!

One day, you may get approached and get lucky!


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