Sex Sells and we know it

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Psyops_Illustrator, Aug 5, 2006.

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  1. get your Kok out then
  2. Hilarious!

    Except if (actually when) I want to look a porn I do, isn't that what most of the internet is for? Not sure deciding that reading a thread called 'Sex sells and we know it' (only to find some boring tossp*t who obviously finds himself funnier than anyone else does is having a chuckle) makes me a perv. I think my visits to takes care of that.

    Anyway, it's b*ll*x thread, about a funny as a heart attack.
  3. Tosspot, then with a name like 'stroker' you KNEW that. You didnt either need to reply or take it further, you chose to waste your time... guess what mate, your why our department is so succesful, now go boil your testicles

  4. Your 'department'? Have you and your sad mates actually gone out of your way to do this sort of thing on a regular basis then, wow.

    As for my reply it was intended to show not everyone is so amused by the slightest suggestion of smut as you obviously are. But then I suppose it might be a close second to you passing a jazz mag around on your cadet camp.
  5. I won't keep replying, to you.. Its Saturday afternoon, and although I write here for fun, some do not have that ability.. POG is by far more than my sad mates, when you develop pubic hair, time served and history come back and play... As for cadet camp. Mmmm think I missed that boat many, many years ago. BLIMP
  6. So you're in Int and you can't spell or punctuate correctly? Not as smart as you think....
  7. Going by some of the Int Corp who I've worked with in the past, he certainly wouldn't be the first!! :D
  8. You visit and write on arrse 'for fun'? I do it when I bored witless behind a desk and can't get away. But for fun..... boy you and your green slime buddies sure know how to party, no wonder you're so popular. Were you picked on at school by any chance?
  9. PS. You're a cnut!
  10. He's right you know.
  11. What a thrapper.
    Put this in the hole and give him the O2 thief bar :)

    He is isnt he :)
  12. Is this an achievement?

    mmmm. I thought not. Remind me not to log on next time I'm pissed!