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Sex Scandals at the BBC

Exactly. In the absence of either, some of us have to use rohypnol and a van.
I saw that and thought it was about an Whistle Test Special about the latest up and coming young thrusters with an attention grabbing name hosted by Jools Holland.

Then I realised I was being a complete cock. It's much more likely to be John Peel
I've heard of no new scandal at Broadcasting House regarding old time celebrities. I'd be reticent in any case, of posting hints on the next 'fiddler' as one of the accused, a producer connected with Radio 1 back in the day, was tarred with the same brush as Saville and has subsequently been found to be totally innocent. His life is fucked.

The 'citizen journalists' that freely blog peoples names without any basic understanding of the damage they can cause and of the laws of of libel have a lot to answer for.
Someone using fame and popularity to get into knickers, the very thought!
That fucked your " Hi girls I'm Timmy Mallet, fancy sucking on this" impression in Rhyl in the summer you dirty fucker.....mind you Scouse school girls will believe any thing!


War Hero
Can we refrain from speculating who the next High profile nonce will be please as it is the easiest way to drop the site in the shite?
Thenk yew

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