Sex Scandal - it's over

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rudolph_Hucker, Mar 24, 2004.

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  1. But will it end there?!!
  2. Oh no - I hope it goes on - its been more and more entertaining with every revelation.

    I can just see the thread... Sex Scandle - The Appeal
  3. She was pretty useless as the Staff Assistant to Comd Log Sp at 3 Div. She managed to lose all of the Warrant Officers CRs last year!!! :( :(
  4. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Stand by for the 'Tearful Blonde - My Side of the Story etc etc ' serialised in the Mirror for the next few months......
  5. To be fair I am waiting for "Bryce-Stafford- My life as a prison b*tch" Far more entertaining
  6. Yeah, but she has been a typical female in todays Army. Can't do the job? worried about promotion? Cry and drop yer kecks.

    That photo of the three of them with their tits the dark haired one on the left a man?
  7. Nah, she's probably a QA. :twisted:

    That explains everything to me now I saw the paper article! :p
  8. It's amazing, she actually thinks she is hard done by! Sounds like she was lucky to get as far in her career as she got.....either that or the moral courage of her reporting officers/ncos was sadly lacking. I just hope that we do not hear more bleating on the subject, either that or Victorian Dad here is going to be mightily upset!
  9. How dare you? It all seemed a little tame for the exploits of a QA.

    Anyway there is no mention of the endless engagement rings which invariably accompany this sort of behaviour in a QA.

    And for goodness sake she was on the athletics you all well know QAs and sport like oil and water. :oops:
  10. :oops: how the hell do I keep doing that?
  11. Trying to get me to bite??????
  12. Not at all. At least you play hard to get. You only move your gussett to the side.
  13. I have only just seen the article in the centre pages of that high class sunday paper (The News of the World) where she is standing there in 2s taking her gloves off trying very hard to look sexy!

    The article goes on about her lesbian antics during her time in the services, however she doesn't mention when this was supposed to have taken place! If it was the 80s, early 90s then nothing new there love! :p The QAs was rife with it during that time. And she then goes on to say how she was ordered by the Mucky Major( :p ) to the medals room where he had her!

    It's amazing what some people will do when a cheque is waved in front of their faces. Better not buy the Sun for a few weeks in case she appears topless :cry: Still after losing the case, she had to make money somehow!
  14. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    It's funny how despite having lost the case, and having her allegations thrown out by the tribunal as complete boll***s she still keeps repeating them even now in the Press. Still have you seen what job she does now - working for an Estate Agent!!!