Sex Robot for $7K-What wonders will technology bring next?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jumpinjarhead, Feb 2, 2010.

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  1. I don't get it... Is it meant to look like Catherine Tate or what?


    "Am I bovverd?"

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  2. :D
  3. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    $7000 for a gwar robot? I don't think so. I imagine it still talks shite, no matter how sophisticated he reckons the voice recognition and conversation software is.
  4. The inventor is married however and has thoughtfully included an on'off switch on the voice. :)
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  5. Why bother with a robot for seven grand when you can hire an LBFM for 20 - 30 US dollars a night out here. Granted you cant turn an LBFM's voice off, but who listens anyway?
  6. Need? 7k wank is hardly a need.

    Bottle of hand cream $4.99
    Box of tissues $2.99

    Still you running the show.... grand total $7.98
  7. I don't know why a fellow would spend $7,000 for a Catherine Tate sex toy anyway. I thought Billie Piper or the luscious Nubian girl was a better Dr. Who companion frankly. They didn't moan as much. ;) :p
  8. And after a while the thing will Feck off after emptying your bank account. It will also be entitled to half your house and you will have to pay maintenance for all the little robots you have spawned between yourselves ..... You wont even be able to afford a bottle of handcream and a box of tissues
  9. That thing looks pretty damn scary to me...forgot half your assets, more like half your body spread out over the kitchen floor.
  10. It's expensive, talks sh1te, ugly and doesn't do the housework, sounds like my ex.
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  11. Does it search your pockets and empty your wallet every day?

    Edited to add, if it doesn't buy a new fridge without telling you, then it might be a good replacement for the wife.
  12. Does it smell like a gwar?
  13. Nothing like the real thing. Does it suffer headaches, premenstrual tension, postmenstrual tension, a shopping fetish?

    Does it accuse you of having an affair if you as much as glimpse at another woman?

    Unless it's a total psychotic it's not remotely like a real woman. (Forgive the pun)