Sex, please — were British

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by mora, May 27, 2006.

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  1. Title: Rich Relations : The American Occupation of Britain, 1942-1945 Author: Reynolds, David

    Between 1942 and 1945 three million Americans passed through Great Britain. Most were young men in their early twenties, away from home for the first time. The attraction between American soldiers and British women was mutual. One reason, Reynolds suggests, was that American off-duty uniforms were designed to make the Yanks look good, unlike the hobnailed Tommies who had to socialize in what amounted to battle dress.

    Sex, please — we're British

    A British serviceman, Eric Westman, returning on leave to Bridgwater in Somerset, noted bitterly how scores of girls lined up along one wall of a dance hall: "Some GIs would walk up and down surveying the girls and then select one, who would gladly go and dance with him. I was horrified at this slave-market attitude. Then a smart-looking British soldier walked along the line asking girls to dance with him, but none would. I've never forgotten it.",,2099-1899423,00.html

  2. What was the second half of that Phrase now?.... :wink: Oh yeah-"Under Paid, Under Sexed & Under Eisenhower"
  3. So it wasn't really anything to do with Nylons then? :wink:
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    1. Battlefield Tours

    or cigarettes
  5. ...women of every country love foreigners...during the WW2 wounded jewish soldiers of the jewish brigade in the british army used to complain that the other non-jews british soldiers lay with them in various hospital in palestine, got all the attention by the local jewish girls. believe it or not. that's true.
  6. I was going to make a smutty remark about the famous MK1 British Pork Bayonet but that wouldn't be Koscher given the subject matter in this thread.
  7. Obviously chlorophorm was on the rashoning lists around this time......
  8. what does it mean MK1?

    chlorophorm, what do you mean?
  9. They just can't resist our Tommy charm and our quaint sense of humour...... oh and the Rohypnol helps...
  10. As any red-blooded British male who's been to the States can tell you, it works both ways. With or without cigarettes. ;)
  11. WP - Mora does not understand squaddie speak. :D

    Transalation for Mora - WP is referring to 'zayin' :!:
  12. Oh I love the States Tankie, American Girls think I'm quiet charming and debonair (Just ask any Lap Dancer)
  13. If the second geezer from the left ain't Sean Connery, I want me money back!

  14. sorry its spelt chloroform, now go google it and find out! and after that take yourself to the nearest parked car, look in the wing mirror and give yourself a damn good telling off!
  15. It would be OK if it was a Beef Bayonet, wouldn't it?