SEX on Tuesday/Wednesday!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fltpilot, Mar 28, 2012.

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  1. "If natural mating doesn't occur on day one, we will consider artificial insemination."

    Who gets the glorious job of wanking the male off? If nobody is already employed in the role of "panda wankerer", who do i send my CV to?
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  2. And he can only get her pregnant through a narrow window; they could open a door for him.
  3. Tuesday and Wednesday are school nights, no chance

    Picture of the Panda egg from the Big Egg Hunt, nothing to do with the thread but looks nice

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  4. I presume your a wanker then ?

    Coat, hat & taxi.
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  5. Being female, it takes the panda a year to get over the fact he eats, shoots and leaves.
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  6. I've met said pandas. Was interesting. Didn't wank one off or fuck the other before anybody asks. Suppose I could go back and try.
  7. Maybe male panda just wanted A2M action while you choked his chicken?
  8. That would explain the sullen eyes.
  9. So this is the shit I write when I'm arseholed on rum!

  10. The position has been filled by superbrifleman1966 with goatrutar as stand-in :slow:
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  11. haha....taxiiiiii......mind, if I wasn't, I'd have enough to inseminate all of china's pandas by now.........;-)
  12. Went out with a lass from London Zoo back when they were trying to get their Pandas to shagg. Failed so went for the artificial insemination route. Turns out they stimulate the daddy with a short electrical tingle to the nut sack :).