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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wildcard.rgbw, Jul 14, 2009.

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  1. Hi guy's, heres a quick question, I've become aware of a convicted sex offender using Facebook which is against their ToC's.

    A guy who I know I've suddenly found out is a registered sex offender.

    Am I breaking any laws by creating a group which simply hilights the fact he IS a known sex offender and a link to an article which details pure factual information?

    Could he turn around to the Police and make a complaint of slander?

    Seeing as how this is all truthful information I just want to know I have a leg to stand on.


    Description below

    Nathan is a convicted sex offender for those of you who need a long story cut short, the link at the bottom will provide enough substance to back up such a heinous accusation but than again he was found guilty and given a suspended sentance.

    The excuse is he didn't know she was 14 at the time, although first impressions can usually tell me the difference between a mature teenager of above 16 and someone whose still old enough to call their mother "mummy".
  2. Why not just inform Facebook if this is against their Terms and Conditions? Save yourself any potential legal ramifications...
  3. Sick bastards - you and your chum.
  4. Nathan may well be a registered sex offender in line with gary Glitter, but your assertion that "......first impressions can usually tell me the difference......." shows that you haven't spent much time drinking in pubs and clubs around this fair land. The potential jail bait in some places is staggering.
    As you can 'usually' tell the difference, this implies that sometimes you too, also get caught out at times with a persons age. Nathan may well be a kiddy fiddling nonce, but a few pints of Wifebeater and you too could find yourself with the same tag, and register to sign.
  5. You don't tell us anything about Nathan. Is he 17 years old, or 40? It makes a difference...
  6. Does it really make a difference? If Nathan met this girl in a pub/club where the implication is that she will be over 18 never mind over 16, Nathan's age is irrelevant. If he met her at 1530hrs in a sweetshop near a school, and she was wearing a school uniform, then it is more relevant.

    I think wildcard.rgbw has a hidden agenda here.
  7. Yeah we've only got his word that Nathan is a convicted sex offender . Are we to start a criteria here of people writing in saying " So and so is on facebook and he's a convicted nonce . I can't prove it but take my word for it and his is address is XYZ if you want to turn up on his doorstep to send him your kind regards "

    Can you see the dangerous precedent we're setting here ? Ignore Nathan unless someone can 100% prove he's a convicted sex offender
  8. Maybe Nathan is one of those paediatricians, we all know how dodgy they are...........

  9. And these are the only two scenarios in which they might meet? I don't think so. Think "common leisure interests" here.

    But I agree, the OP is not being entirely frank.
  10. I prefer twentyseven year olds..

    Mainly cos there are 20 of them.
  11. I didnt mean that these are the only 2 scenarios that they might meet, but as examples where age may or may not be relevant.
  12. He was found guilty and given a suspended sentance, he is convicted and is on the sex offenders register...
  13. Perhaps he wants to be a cadet AI, and is in training?
  14. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Hole this thread
  15. You're lucky I know your real name's not Nathan ;)
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