Sex offenders have rights????

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mitchthebar, Apr 21, 2010.

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  1. Just read this, see link below, and about to rev up the outrage bus. As far as I'm concerned they should be on the register for life, let's face it, their victims can't have their memories erased, can they? I think paedos should have a great big fuck off brand on their foreheads as a punishment and as a warning to the general public.
  2. Well to play the devils advocate, what if somebody were to have sexual feelings regarding prepubescent children but did not act on them as he realised they were wrong, would you still want them branded?
  3. old_fat_and_hairy

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    Confession time? :D
  4. Well as it's the NAAFI bar. :D
  5. the kid possibly at age 18
    the adult no fecking chance :evil:
  6. If they have only got "feelings", then that is only what is going on in their heads. Nobody but them knows about it, so no-one becomes a victim. If they were to take it to the next stage and actually interfere with somebody, prepubescent or not they should be dealt with. Personally I would prefer it to be a long slow agonising death, but the law won't allow that, so branding it is then.

    Lets face it, we all letch at the young schoolies at the bus stop every morning, but that doesn't make us perverts, just dirty old men.
  7. Having a letch at the barely legal, but yet still legal girls in the morning is completely different to having sexual feelings towards prepubescents. The attitude towards pedophilia does amuse me somewhat in that no treatment is available for those who feel this way and know it is wrong and wish to stop feeling those urges. Only when somebody acts upon their urge and commits a crime against a young child is anything done. Nothing like closing the gate when the horse has bolted.
  9. I'm sticking to my barbies damnit, leave me alone.
  10. Yes, for society. We should be able to remove these people from the community, and house them somewhere that they are safe from us, and we are safe from them.

    Whilst links between abusers, being abused in the past are slim, there is a overwhelming number of nonces and such like being themselves abused in their past. Time to break the chain.

  11. I blame sexy kids.
  12. Or perhaps at the risk of bringing some sense into this country, set up a centre for treatment such as chemical castration for those who realise those feelings are wrong and who wish to sort theirselves out. Unfortunately in our society people are far too stupid to understand what would be happening and would turn up outside with pitchforks and torches demanding that the pedos be strung up from a lampost.

    But again it's NAAFI bar so I feel if parents would stop dressing their children up as they do these days then perhaps they wouldn't go missing in foreign countries as often.
  13. BBear

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    A mate of mine threw up and interesting one - I'm of the (sprog) generation that grew up as the same age as the Harry cUnt Potter characters. He really fancied Hermione in the first couple of films, remember we we're minors as well at this stage, then he didnt like her as they both grew older.

    But even now he still finds her in the first couple of films 'well fit innit'.

    I call him a big fat badger fluffing shit-cake baking paedo, but who knows eh!!!
  14. I'm older than all of the Herry Potter kids, and I think Hermione is fit in all of the films. That's not wrong is it? :)