Sex offender on the run

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dutch_paddy, Sep 29, 2006.

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  1. Not another thread about LJH!
  2. Probably working as a supply teacher by now !
  3. Doomandgloom real identity exposed at last.
  4. Why wasn't he locked up?
  5. Not to be approached? He seriously needs approaching with a 9 Iron. Never know, I might spot him shopping this weekend.
  6. With a bit of luck PIRA/UVF will find him before the PSNI.
  7. agree with that one mate, whatever you say about the IRA's/UVF's politics at least they would deal with vermin such as this fella in a way which everyone wants, but the government hasn't the balls to do
  8. Wasn't it the Spanish who had the correct way before the EU stopped them?

    IIRC they castrated these bstards.
  9. If he is a serious threat why wasn't he still locked up?
  10. hanging in the first place would have prevented this agro now.... few yards of rope and chain, drop em all!
  11. Aaaah!! but you are forgetting the Army of social workers/do gooders/hand wringers who will be behind him going on about 'how he has been misunderstood' and it is essential he stays in the community for his own good!!!!!!!!! That is until he re-offends and they all 'split' and start blaming each other at the inquiry!!!! :x :x :x

    Another bas tard that should have been dealt with, let loose to continue with his sick crimes, Jailed in 1994 for 33 years following serious sexual assaults on 2 kids. now prime suspect in the dissaparance of the polish girl.

    When are we going to deal with these people properly
  13. Jeez that Redpath fecker was only jailed for 3 years for fiddling with a girl under 14 years old... I had a girlfriend whos ex-hubby was jailed for 4 for tax evasion

    shows you what priorities the legal system has and if that twot in scotland was jailed for 33 years in '94 what the feck was he doing out an about now?

    paroled for good behaviour probably...fecking obviously their behaviour will be goood....there aint no little girls and women in jail for these feckers to rape, they should be castrated and left to bleed to death the fecking vermin
  14. We need hanging brought back. Now.