Sex offender Jailed for Two murders

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AbbotAle, Feb 5, 2010.

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  1. Apparently he strangled them using a technique perfected whilst he was in the Army? WTF? I must have been away that day in basic.

  2. Ther was only one part of my anatomy I used to try and strangle regularly and I didnt learn that in basic.
  3. What's your point? He was convicted of indecent assault. That's hardly a reason to lock him away for life or a firm indication that he's going to rape and kill a family.
  4. I sincerely hope this piece of garbage gets all that's coming to him inside the nick, but no doubt he'll be put in isolation and protected then appealing his sentence within months.
  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Should have hung the **** first time then he wouldn't have the chance to re offend

    Is "former soldier" the only trade that ever gets mentioned in the media?

    Never hear former plumber kills three with lead pipe

    Perhaps offender should be made to hand a C.V. into court so the media can get it right?
  6. Perhaps if the new system of concerned vulnerable people requesting that people who are on the sex reigster were in the area was trialed in their area instead of somewhere else, they would have known to be careful who they befriended.
  7. Thin end of wedge? Wouldn't be the first one.
  8. No? Depending on the severity of the assualt, I would have no hesitation in throwing away the key.

    But of course, in Soft Touch Scotland that is never going to happen. Dear me, no. Far more "civilised" to play Russian Roulette with the lives of innocent women and children.

    Christ, I dispair of this fcuking country sometimes... :x

    Oh, and the journo who wrote that b0llocks about the "strangulation technique learned in the Army" needs a good slap. :roll:
  9. Fair one. I don't know the legal definition, but I would have thought 'indecent assault' was an unwanted grope or similar. If it were "rape", I'd agree.
  10. One for any coppers on here, mate. But I believe Indecent Assualt includes everything from, as you said, an unwanted grope, to just about anything short of actual rape. IA can include extreme violance or threats of violance as well, IIRC.

    Standing by to be corrected.
  11. I'm suprised anyone could find the time in the RLC inbetween skulking away from the place of work, joyriding around camp, failing BPFAs and stealing to actually find the time to perfect any kind of killing technique.
  12. ..rant removed...
  13. i know i'm dragging this up from the arrse graveyard
    but it was the indecent assault of a ten year old girl, not the pinching of some slapper in a wine bar

    the ****** tried to appeal his sentence
    luckily the appeal court wasn't full of fuckwits for once and they upheld the 32year minimum life sentence he was given
    only right for the rape, torture and eventual murder of another ten year old girl,
    as well as the the sexual assualt and murder of her mother

    heres a link to the original trial judges report in case anyone thinks they were too harsh on his ickle diddums...