Sex Offender Given a Green Light by the Education Secretary

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Howay_the_Lads, Jan 9, 2006.

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  1. This was on sky news yesterday

    Ruth Kelly

    Interestingly the Govt rides rough shod over expert advice............again.
  2. This is the same Ruth Kelly who has given taxpayers money to teach "Gay History week" As most nonces are gay, do you think she has a soft spot for this particular voting group?
  3. It was also a bit disturbing to hear in another report that this individual hadn't actually ever committed a sex offence - let alone been convicted of one - but rather he had merely been listed by Police as having possibly accessed a website of paedophile interest.

    Why is it now so hard in this country to just hear some basic, accurate facts about an issue, rather than this salacious and hyped sleaze reporting?
  4. And what about Ian Huntley? He hadn't been convicted?
  5. There’s a big kick up down my neck of the woods about this at the moment with the Hi Tech Crime Unit realising (after forensic investigation of some of the PC's) that quite a few of the alleged "paedo's" snared in Operation Ore were actually completely duped by the way parts of the bogus websites were laid out and were, in fact, guilty of nothing else but that surfing the net for normal porn. It appears that Pop up Killers were blocking the "paedo" element of the sites and then people were snared when they signed up to what appeared to be adult websites. There is also a rising belief that the Yanks altered some of the sites after people had signed up. I occasionally work with some of the guys from the Hi Tech Crime Unit and after listening to them, I certainly wouldn't condemn someone on the basis of an Operation Ore "web sign up" alone.

    I also heard on the news this morning though that the local Plod had now blocked the guy in question from getting employment. Obviously better to be safe than sorry but what a p1sser if you happen to be one of the innocent that has been duped.
  6. If there is evidence that people were duped then the Police would know that. Whats the score in this case when the police seemed to have been over ruled by a politician with her own agenda?
  7. Is that where LJH is working now?
  8. The point that I was trying to get across is that the Govt ignored advice from the local education authority and the police. Someone far removed from the coalface decided that they new best. How many times has this happened before??
  9. 'Long Screwdriver'

    Par for the course these days fella
  10. What next... Gary Glitter working for Childline?
  11. Jonathon King heading a new Govt 'think tank' on the legalisation lets not go there.

  12. Operation Ore Exposed

    Thought this might be of interest. I think after page 3 you need to sign up to it, it makes fasinating reading!!!!