Sex Maniac

At the inquest of Stan, a builder killed when falling thirty feet off his ladder, the Coroner said to the builder's young assistant. "Tell us exactly what happened to cause him to fall off the ladder." The seventeen year old answered. "Well sir, I think that Stan must have been a sex maniac and that was what made him fall." The Coroner raised his eyebrows in puzzlement and said. "A sex maniac ?, can you tell this court why that should have any bearing upon his fall ?" The kid replied. "Stan had me holding his ladder for safety and he was nearly at the top when a gorgeous redhead with a big bust and low top walked by. I turned round to watch her go past and the ladder slipped and Stan fell off." The Coroner got the picture and said sternly. "Young man, it would appear that your actions contributed to this poor man falling.. and furthermore, I fail to see how you conclude that, he, was a sex maniac."
The young guy was very indignant and muttered.
"In that case, how come, as he was falling, he was screaming...Cuuuunt ?"
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