Sex Mad Sarge caught by Mirror

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MrPVRd, May 8, 2005.

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  1. I know some people will say anything for a ride, but this is taking the p!ss a bit!

  2. So is he in the Army or isn't he?

    Sounds like the lefty rag is having a quiet week.
  3. Sounds like a walt trying to get his leg over. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story! Didn't think you green slime lot got attached to an Inf unit like the BW?
  4. ITs no more than some jumped up office junior pretending he's actually a senior buyer to charm some bint out of her knickers.

    FFS, The Daily Mirror really is scraping the barrel.
  5. Hook, line, sinker comes to mind, what a twat :lol:
  6. Suggestions for the headline on tomorrow's paper:


    Quick - send for "Waltfinder General"; prepare the bonfire. Lets have ourselves a witch hunt!!!

  7. I wonder if The Mirror has any "genuine" photos of this bloke with the journo bird in the hotel room?
  8. What, actually shot in a TA barracks in the North? :wink:
  9. This really is scraping the barrel. Whatever next? Can I suggest the following headline:

    'Drunk Fat Bloke in Pub Tells Pretty Girl He Was SAS Assassin; Farts; Trips; Wonders Where She Went...'
  10. Funny...I haven't heard him called Buff for ages. It's too easy for him to pass it off as a play on words without intent. TCH is far better.

    classic walt talk

    "...that's top secret information Blackadder..." - wow he MUST be high up if he is able to analyse the peace process and say that the "ceasefire was not as it was depicted on TV". what a genius. must have been SF to work that out!

    former Black Watch, former undercover agent, former computer programmer. what a talented bloke. Probably worked at Deepcut as well. And probably involved in the whole "Diana murdered by the SAS/MI5" case as well. Oh yeah...and was the first guy into the embassy.

    let's face it, we all talk bullsh1t. one time I even told some bird that I was respected in work.
  11. What????

    Army dudes aren't sex mad?????

    What's the world coming to???

    Yeah what girl hasn't been told me some Army guy that he's the best and greatest???

    What Army guy actually tells you the truth about his job and his life?


  12. there are soooooo many knobs like that in my beloved corps makes the rest of us green slime mad, im not for glamourising the job its at best tedious and boring ,well it is in security
  13. It was probably BlondeBint's fella. She's prone to Walts and talk of SF. :lol:
  14. Oh well, let's not criticize him too much for simply trying to make love to a beautiful er...journo.
  15. Oh Mr DV Man :lol: ...........