Sex in the 80s

Old Mabel and Old Fred, both in their 80s meet up at a nursing home.
They get on really well and decide that as they dont have any attachments they should get it together, so Mabel invites Fred to her room for a night of passion.
After an half an hour of trying Fred says "sorry Mabel, I'm afraid I cant manage it anymore, I just cant raise the flag, so to speak"
Mabel says "dont worry Fred, why not just go down on me?"
So Fred goes down but within a few seconds hes back up again "whats that terrible smell down there?" he says,
Mabel says "sorry Fred, it the arthritis.........."
Fred says "Oh I see" and quick as a flash, gets back down to work again.
Within a minute hes back up again "sorry Mabel, the smell is just too bad, I didnt know Arthritis could smell like that!"
Mabel says "you didnt let me finish Fred, its the arthritis in my shoulders, which means I cant reach round to wipe my ARSE!"

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