Sex in Space

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by padme, Oct 7, 2007.

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  1. Big discussion in chat tonight.
    Is it possible or not?
    And what would you most likely see?
  2. I'd want to see someone accidentally inhale an astray blob of jizz.
  3. Quite sure theyve done this a few years back, it took 3 people to make the magic happen.
    one guy had to hold the woman down while the guy rattled her.
    cant remember if the yank or the russians did it though =\
  4. I always have a mate hold the woman down, whether in space or not.
  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

  6. Did she fake her orgasm, like they faked the landings?
  7. General concenus seems to be no...but worth a good try.
    Few points to consider:
    1. Finding 2 astronauts to do the filthy deed.
    2. All the people watching at mission control.
    3. Zero gravity....where will all the juices end up...machinery pretty valuable.
    4. If into amateur porn no muck across face shot.
    5. Inevitable stupid remarks...Houston,we have a problem...Captain I can't realine the dylithiam etc etc you get the idea.
    6. If you did succeed what might come out? We've all seen Alien/Species!!!

    OK thats me done someone else take over.

  8. Think of a matrix style money shot :D
  9. All those elasticated belts/straps - bungee jumping?

    I'll get my coat...
  10. been done already - it was plane flying a parabolla (sic) wasnt technically space but you did get a zero gravity money shot.

    Its a quality piece, I saw it on a mates computer so cant remember the name but what would you call space based porn film?

    "in space no one can hear you Squelch"
  11. I can only imagine the porn stud was a black dude and they named the porno "Zero - G"
  12. gives a new meaning to ' pre-orbital insertion ', ' docking procredures' and-um - ' afterburn '

    getting coat...
  13. As you withdrew your withering schlong from her dumper, would the residual muscle slackness leave a vortex thus dragging detritus from the surrounding area into her bot... like possibly Max Schelling dressed as a robot as per the closing scenes of '80s sci fi extravaganza "the black hole"?
  14. James Bond managed it in Moonraker with Dr Holly Goodhead.

    Q- "I think He's attempting re-entry Sir"
  15. Isn't that where it all started?

    Uranus I mean.