Sex for healing - yet more gullibility!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taz_786, Apr 25, 2007.

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    A good lay and money as well as showing originality...I say he deserves a round of applause!
  2. Where did she have the infection to be treated in this manner?

    I hope HE wore a condom :D

    Certainly brings to the fore the saying "There is one born every minute".
  3. I believe Marvin Gaye wrote a song about this...
  4. That's the bit that concerns me most: she's responsible for educating the next generation! 8O

    Still, it proves that there's more than one mentally challenged female in Wales... :roll:
  5. msr

    msr LE

  6. Sounds good to me, like: 'If you suck my cock pet your back ache will go'. I can feel a whole new career in the health service coming on.
  7. Dozy is right it is a worry

    who is the other mentally challanged female in wales then dozy yourself
  8. Dozy is right it is a worry

    who is the other mentally challanged female in wales then dozy yourself
  9. The great tragedy is that in much of AIDS-ridden Africa, they genuinely believe that sex with a young virgin is a sure cure. :evil: :(
  10. That's not young as in eleven or twelve either. Makes you sick.
  11. Often a lot younger. :evil:

    And yet S. Africa, Zim. etc. insist its a "syndrome", not a full-blown illness. :evil: :? :roll:
  12. In the same way that The 'gubment' of DRC insist Ebola is a 'syndrome' no doubt...
  13. The same. :(

    And no pusillanimous First-World gummint has the guts to tell them to get a fekking grip! :twisted: :evil:
  14. Because that would be racist, colonialist oppression, obviously! We should not be allowed to go around forcing our skewed ethnocentric perspective on other equally valid cultures.

    And it is simply outrageous to suggest that the ordinary people of these fine countries would be quite glad of some medicine that actually works, rather than that sanctioned by the village witch-doctor. Their ethnic folk-ways are obviously far more important to them than the lives of their kiddies.
  15. I'm sure I've seen this method practised in Nanuki and Malindi, they had sorts of ailments!!