Sex Education lesson of the day: Get pregnant & you will die

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by carlbcfc, Oct 15, 2009.

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  1. LINK

    Would she still be alive if she knew what contraception was?
  2. Teenage chav girl ambitions...

    Brown illegitimate baby, check
    Council House, check
    Benefits, check

    Mmmm...What have I forgotten? Oh Yes, Swine flu vaccine, Checkity check-check.

    Won't stop any of them from getting knocked up, I fear
  3. With the burden of an aging population this country should be thankfull for the good old teenage slag
  4. cheque
  5. It should be illegal to get preggers before you're 18 or married or able to pay for the brat.
  6. Only if the brat actually pays any taxes and contributes to the economy. Otherwise I'd rather just pay the pensions, thanks.
  7. Why? Do they shag old blokes as well?

    Ding dong.
  8. Illegal for who? The girl? Sounds a bit 'sharia' to me.

    And when has any law made by humans stopped a human doing anything?
  9. I think what he means is more the drain on society.

    Basically another £200+ to add to the national debt for every new young mother.

    ...but not this young girl as she unfortunatly died.