Sex Change Soldier!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by gladimout, Mar 20, 2008.

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  1. Documentary on Ch 4 tonight, "the story of Ian Hamilton, the first officer in the history of the British Armed Forces to undergo a sex-change operation"

    How big are 'her' hands?
    Would you??
  2. Apparently according to CH4 he's/she's/it's one of the most highly decorated soldiers in the Army !!!
  3. My old quarter was the most decorated gaff in the army. Got painted 3 times in 10 years. FACT.
  4. To be fair I don’t think there are many other blokes in the army who decorate themselves with lipstick and a wig 8O
  5. my 4x4 has roof spotlamps front spotlamps bull bar twin arials its the most decorated 4x4 in my street FACT
  6. haha arrse was just featured!
  7. ok who saw there avatar???
  8. Arrse was just on as an example of "her" abuse- you bunch of "big handed sheila look at the size of the bollocks on that burd" bastards!!!!
  9. They’ve just shown “IT” posting on ARRSE :D

    Own up, which one of you is it :twisted:
  10. Nice work, and nice FACT. 8)
  11. Sophia Loren..............
  12. Some real gem comments just shown on CH4
  13. I just want to be a woman waaaaaaaah.
  14. i clocked OFAH and filbert fox.....

    what's the dit with this highly decorated officer?

    TA/FTRS? certainly not a DE, as examplified by lack of twin-set & pearls and lack of laura ashley kit.....

    has anyone been there????
  15. Hands up, it's me ducky. 8O