Sex case woman flirted with pilot

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Crazy_Legs, Apr 22, 2005.

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  1. Posted elsewhere but worthy of a thread in it's own right...

    From the Torygraph:

    I particularly like:
    Why won't it let me write
  2. Let me get this right...

    A young lad gets a bit drunk with a young lass who happens to be a bit flirty. He get's the wrong end of the stick and tries it on in her room without an invite (taking the usual precautions vis, probably a knock off Tag from cyprus). The press get a hold of it and all of a sudden we're all dragged through the mire.

    Is there nothing more interesting happening in the world today?
  3. What a bloody idiot, "mixed signals" is one thing, and I'm sure most of us have at some point got hold of the wrong end of the stick, but to "creep through her window" FFS! 8O
    If we wanted people of his level of maturity to pilot our taxi's, we would recruit from the Boy Scouts. :roll:
  4. I thought all pilots tried to get in "via the back-door".

  5. He climbed in through her window - that clearly suggests he was not invited!

    Because a woman flirts with a man does not give him the right to climb in her window and molest her in her sleep.
  6. Doesn't it? Oh bugger..... :D
  7. Well not unless he's got 20 bensons and some alcohol with him :D
  8. kit list... 20 B&H check one bottle chateau calapso check

    now where's that frellin window?? :roll:
  9. It's always worked witth you. Can I have my pants back?
  10. The Mail and Express (my Chief Clerk showed them to me...) had a great quote from the bloke about a previous event when he had kissed and groped the girl in the mess:

    Well of course not, but being a Crab he'd hardly be a gentleman in the first place...
  11. Is that what they are?! I've got them up in the garden...I thought it was a gazeebo
  12. That was your arrse Pet. You might find that my bike is still parked in your crevace.
  13. Well the Torygraph did publish a ''rear'' view of the said lady officer,in uniform,and I have to say that the ''arse was large''.Why can't the WRAF ladies have decent uniforms like Wren officers.And those hats--Sooooooo sexy!!!
  14. One would have thought that a charcoal moustache was one thing, but that the subliminal sexual message could only clearly be expressed through the Dirty Sanchez! :twisted:
  15. :?

    Amazed by the fact that a certain newspaper has airbrushed from pictures that the female in question is an officer!

    I suspect that this was a case of the female officer "crying wolf"...

    I may be wrong but suspect that the helicopter pilot is innocent of what is being levelled at him.