Sex Brackets - a wonderful comment.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dwarf, Jul 2, 2011.

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  1. See, mention sex and you just have to look, sad innit?

    Anyway, and forgive me if I am slow on this living out here doesn't keep me as up to date as I would like.
    But last night I was having a beer with four lads, all of us married and fathers, when in the bar walked this young thing with a gorgeous body and tight-shape hugging dress. As she entered our arcs the conversation, animated at that point, dwindled to a mumble only to re-animate as she moved past us and out of our arcs.
    As my mate pointed out (in catalan though) 'sex-brackets' the pause while we only consider sex.
    It tickled me so I thought I'd post it.
  2. Thought you'd found my basement!

  3. I hoped this was a new toy I could buy for Mrs TSNM.
  4. Maybe we can cone up with one and Market it?!
  5. and sell it at wickes I'll get on the phone and find some retailers

  6. Toddles off to the shed :)
  7. You keep toddlers in your shed?
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  8. Is a preevert what you are before you become a pervert ? I'm way past the preevert stage according to some people. :)
  9. Maddie's not a toddler any more....
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  10. But does she buck back yet?
  11. I hereby invoke (and invent, how unaccumstomedly efficient of me) Borgia's law - "As an Arrse discussion grows longer, the probability of a reference or comparison to the McCann family and it's most successful hide-and-seek prodigy approaches 100%"
  12. Oh come on... toddler + sex + shed = Maddie joke.

    You can't argue with mathematics.
  13. With the schooling she has missed maddie probably can!!
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  14. :rofl: Deliciously bad taste Sir.
  15. I'm surprised it took nine posts in all honesty ?