Sex - are you normal?

Can't relate their survey to the larger population though. Never understand why these surveys only give half the stats and people are satisified with that. Plus it was voluteer based, maybe those that applied were of a bias sexual view, since they evidently don't mind talking about their sexual habits. Just one more example of pointless, trivial rubbish that has no real affect on ours lives.

But apart from that... noooo noo men are THE worst, we women are innocent I tell you! :D
Over two weeks, 77,895 readers, half women and half men, completed the survey.
So, either there are 38,000 readers of Elle- which would almost by definition render them as poofs, or there are 38,000 men who had to lie through their teeth as they were interrogated with wives/girlfriends close at hand.
How did they find so many half men and half women?
I could conduct one of these surveys.

First. Which publication will it be published in?

Second. Which way do we want to go? Nice or scare the bejesus out of insecure females.

Third. Right 75% of men will cheat, 50% of women will.


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