Sex appeal or appeal for sex?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Shotgun, Oct 9, 2003.

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  1. What ugly tarts on TV or film would you really like to hump? Does sex appeal versus good looks exist? Is there somebody out there who you would really like to get to grips with who is a real dog?
  2. Pauline from eastenders - ooh yeah take it biatch :twisted:
  3. Where do you want me to start? :wink:
  4. well go on then start somewhere, i wanna know!
  5. Nell. there can be only one. 8) Good looks and sex appeal,I may be slightly biased because she looks like my ex, but, whatever,I speak as I find.
  6. Well, I done your mum and then your sister. Thenhad them both together. Neither were good looking, but when they took out their false teeth..........instant sex appeal :twisted:
  7. Er...I thought the thread was ugly tarts GFF? Nell? Ugly? Hmmm, let me think about that one. U obviously got v. high standards m8! Or are we talking about a different Nell? :?
  8. Soz M8 was Virra Virra drunk last night!
  9. No worries...bin there (not Nell obviously!).

    I am afraid, however, that I am unable to make a meaningful contribution to the original thread as, I am afraid, I am unable to bring myself to the point of doing the dirty with an ugly bird (...heh, keep quiet over there!)

    At the risk of highjacking Shotgun's original thread, how about expanding it to those who may not be ugly but are of more mature character and may have passed their 'best before' date?

    How about me starting the ball rolling with a few of the obvious? Diana Rigg? Felicity Kendall? Sigorney Weaver?

    What is the next thing up from a 'yummy mummy'? 'Sweet fanny Granny'?

    I'm sure the girls can also think of a few wrinkly blokes who still have that ol' magic......
  10. Excellent, a "MILF" thread :D :D

    Helen Mirren would certainly get the good news, and Zoe Wannamaker is improving with age and she looks like she would bang like a belt fed millan :p
  11. Ah , slightly dodgy/older birds, my specialised subject!
    Save disappointment in the night club, go ugly early!

    Claire Balding, the horse racing commentator, something dirty about her...
    Fat Bird off 'Teachers'
    Kirsty Wark off Newsnight
    Kate Adie just to say I had...
    That bird off 'Taggart' with the big nose
  12. You were doing well there Tigger, until you mentioned that fat bird from Teachers. You dirty, dirty little man!
  13. There's one bint I've lusted over for a long time. In Hohne, when I was a pad brat, but sixteen or so, Princess Anne was at a disco for the lads of 14/20th Hussars. She had tight jeans on and a tee shirt. Fck me but she looked good in the flesh after all the press stuff I'd seen.

    Your Highness, prepare to be ravished... :p
  14. Ma, im afraid that was my dad, hes been dressing like that since christmas... :twisted:
  15. Yep. It sure is. But have to agree with you about the posh tart from B'stard. Does it for me.