Sex and you average Glove Puppet

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Letterwritingman, Mar 13, 2004.

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  1. Blessed as I am (?) with children (some can actually respond to "G'morning Sir") has anyone else become concerned with regard to some of the stereotypes portrayed in "Tot's TV"

    Firstly...why is the white puppet called Tiny? is this a slur on the size of his manhood?
    Secondly...Tom the (deep breath, close eyes: I say it, i say it nah nah) coloured puppet is always right (no matter what)

    And Tilly (?) what is that French Tart doing living over here on our benefits? And what exactly is her connection to the "Sac Magic" she advertising some sort of .......... :?:
    Finally other than to take part in some sort of nefarious "Love Game" orchestrated by Gunny, Dale, TURP and with a LITTLE (so I've been told) help from MDN................Where Does the Donkey get involved in this Sexual free for all 8O 8O
  2. Right after anal penetration between me, TURP and Mighty. Dale would have gone off by then, sulking at the size of TURPs manhood.
  3. MDN is MIGHTY quiet on this topic..............has he broken the Donkey or did Tilly pass something on to him? :?
  4. is this a real TV programme for children?
  5. Scandalous mate..."Tots TV" it's called 8O
  6. what channel?
  7. It was on ITV and UTV! dont know where it has gone now still have nightmares about it though in fact I wrote a letter to ITV raising these very points and one to the Donkey Society too 8O 8)
  8. I'll go away and drink some water...
  9. um ....yes.....what are you drinking at the moment 8O
  10. water
  11. Well bert i can see I reached and found a likewise concerned individual.........I also wrote to commend the citizens of Los Angeles about how well they handled the constant Alien Invasions.....although the editor at the LA Times must have been busy on that day 'cos he didn't reply :(
  12. the LA Times print such letters roughly once a month. generally only letters from senior officers of the LAPD, commenting on the most recent incident, actually get printed.
  13. I also penned my admiration to the NY Times for their citizens fortidude when faced by giant monsters 8O At least twice in the 20th century one was called King Kong and the other was a Japanese Export called of all things "Godzilla" :roll:
  14. There any other major characters? 3 doesn't seem sufficient...
  15. I did mention the donkey didn't I :?: :roll: