Sex and the single soldier?

Sex and the single soldier?

Here’s one to ponder, a squadron sergeant major goes out on the pop with a bunch of assorted ranks within the squadron. As the beer flows and the night progresses people start to make their weary way back home. Small groups form and soon a few single soldiers start drifting towards the block. Yes you’ve guest the SSM tags along and has a few drinks ending up in one of the privates rooms. Now we are all grown ups and private soldiers are allowed to entertain in their rooms, but here’s the rub, the SSM is a female.

Modern day army, who has a problem with this? There have been rumbles and sniggers but the world hasn’t ended that’s a fact. What are your views?
Sounds like the SSM is in the chain of command of the said private soldier. This therefore doesn’t pass the service test and therefore discipline action could be taken if the letter of the law was followed. She was in the wrong and is lucky that only sniggering is taking place.

I’d like to think that people are professional enough to have a relationship (or just sex) and not let it have a bearing on their work. I wouldn’t give dispensation to someone just coz we were romantically linked. That said I would do everything I could to make sure I wasn’t in that position because if you upset them too much you might not be “getting any” when you get home.

Unfortunately not everybody share my option and in honesty it is a little naïve having seen full screws letting off privates who they are dating from various duties and giving them to others. This can only be complicated with the more power one member of the relationship has.

In principle don’t have a problem, in practice it seldom works.
Modern day Army or any other organisation; it isn't the way to go. GS says: "In principle don’t have a problem, in practice it seldom works" and he's dead right. Over the course of a full (hah!) career I only saw two or three instances of this subject, and in every case it ended in tears. One relationship was, however, unjustifiably terminated by the Authorities simply because the Authority in question held somewhat extreme religious and disciplinary views (his potty training was in question, too).

Don't do it. Keep life simple and happy.
Looks like your hand's shaking, Dale. Now, you can take advantage of that, let me show you...................... :)
NO!!! Been away and the bloody computer is slower than a slow thing. I am off to delete asap. If this happened here, you can imagine the fiasco with my car this morning....

Are you back now, and the prospect of a Friday night out, and as much booze as you guzzle, and a slightly lesser chance of getting shot at/assaulted has excited you big stylee?

Oh, and I think i managed to delete most of your entries :D
Ah for fcuks sakes!........DID ANYONE SHAG IT????

How many times have you got to ask around here?

(If she's a goer mate, PM her name and locstat :wink: )
Not wishing to appear on Ma side, but lets get some more info out here.

It is key to the discussion to know if anybody shagged it and also if she is fit.

In reality, according to your Standing Orders and Part One Orders, there should be no females in the block, or alcohol. The Army doesn't like it.
Not so true these days my last place allowed 8 cans of grog per person per flat, and i think and/or a small bottle of spirts.

Girls were in the block anyway just different flats.
All depends if the CO has signed up to the new 'Barrack Regime Policy'.

Beer can be allowed within 'limits', and the opposite sex is allowed in, as long as they sign in etc for H&S issues.

So I have been told. :?
one of my previous units even allowed senior ranks to bring their junior rank partners into the sgts mess, as long as they did not enter the public rooms....

They were even allowed to be invited to mess do's, which most of them opted out of incidently...

Think the morale of the story is to apply common sense to each sutuation, its about time we were dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century....!!


the things is here is AUTHORITYif you start dating a lower ranking person then you will lose respect and authority in the eyes of the squaddies under your command and your orders may not carry much weight .


you can shag her , wait till the fall out then she will break your balls forever as long as you are under her command :lol:
It seems like you have been scorned Ma, no answer what so ever to you very reasonable earlier question. I’m going to keep banging on until we find out.
vespa said:
you can shag her , wait till the fall out then she will break your balls forever as long as you are under her command :lol:

Ah but were you a good shag ?
Will the originator of this thread please tell us if his mate banged it. We're fed up hanging round for the dirty bits.

Or did you just make the whole thing up?

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