Sex and the Falkland Islands


I was out there doing FIRIC with the Grens in 2003, one of the lads shagged silver back.... legend. I managed to bag off a tour shag from the RIC bar (that's when it was still open) a RAF copper, who was not that bad looking, for me, as I am a ugly twat... no really. but imagine her suprise when I dumped her having looked down one day after sex to discovere she had webbed feet!! I shit you not, hadn't seen it before or since.... Didn't tell her why it was over, until i was smashed and the lads forced it out of me, as me being a ugly twat and dumping anyone who would have came near me, never mind dumping them, I should be so lucky! I told them , next time she walked in the bottom bar, there was a corus of "quack quack" She went red and walked out, I got a slap from one of her mates and harrased everytime I drove in a LR for the remainder of the tour!! Great ******* tour though!

Funny that, was seeing a bird in Med Hat for a few months on winter repair one year and she had the exact same attribute. She then explained that her dad was Welsh and mother Canadian so that explained everything.
Was there in 1989 and there were some Married QARANC's who we got to know and who used to come up to the Disco and stay at Mt Pleasant. Well they certainly were not shy. Fucked several times, had some great fun
Thank you Mr Heslop.

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