Sex and the Falkland Islands

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taxydual, Feb 12, 2012.

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  1. Earwigged the conversation of 2 lads on the train the other day. They, RTUing to Catterick from a Falklands Det, were boasting about their shagging experiences around the FI.

    Now, in my time in the FI (5 x 4 monthers between '82 and '90) a shag was virtually impossible. A brief chat to some of my ex mates from that era confirmed my thoughts. Not one of us managed the dirty deed in all our combined times down there.

    So, basically, did anyone have carnal knowledge (sheep/penguins/elephant seals don't count) whilst serving on the Islands?
  2. Yeah, I fcuked a few Argies, does that count?
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  3. There was a story doing the rounds when I was there in 94 that a couple of WRAF's had been offering services and had been found out when leaving with suitcases full of cash. How true it was I dont know. Personally, I don't think it happened.
    I worked with an RAF lad who was shagging a Naafi chogy.
  4. I am lead to believe the yellow Sub's affections were available for the right price.....not that I have any idea who she might of been of course, then there were some of the girls sent back for operating a business - a WAAF Air Traffic Officer springs to mind.

    Unfortunately I was always on the mountains so nothing first hand - I wasn't enough of a silver tongued charmer to pull one of the few birds that visited, did kiss a Benny female though.....

    Edited to add heard a story of one of the girls on the Rapier Det doing blow-jobs for a £1 - bargain by all accounts
  5. Shagging, between fit, healthy people aged between 18 and ~40 all stuck together on a remote island where pretty much the only entertainment is drinking yourself half to death for four to six months?

    This is a total shock to me.
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  6. I expect she had a bigger cock than you and more facial hair, and her sister was her dad....
  7. Oh shit now I suppose there will be pickies as well.
    Well I would like to make clear that that penquin and I were in a long term relationship and we love each other dearly. The fact that I used to have to tie her down to engage in carnell knowledge is just the way that King penquins like it.
    Any comments that I consider slanderous will me met with the full force of me lern'd friends
    I have nothing more to say on the matter
  8. Take out 'on a remote island' close your eyes...voila.......BAOR!
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  9. Sluggy has remained oddly quite on this one.
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  10. I shagged the NAAFI manageress in Stanley in '84. Whipped all her pubes off with me trusty packet of BiC razors and put the (masses) of hair in the waste paper bin in the duty EOD bunk. Next morning the Pioneer lad we had to do general duties was cleaning the bunk and he asked me "'ere sir, what's all this in the bin". I told him and he muttered "dirty cunt" as he took the bin to empty it in the incinerator.

    When the MV England was bimbling towards the Falklands with its cargo of Scousers, Jocks, Geordies and what have you for the new airport project, I was taken out by some SBS beardies in an inflatable to meet the ship and give landmine and UXO awareness presentations on board.

    The vessel had a delightful Yarpie female medical officer on board, whom I pumped up during a humungous storm that blew up. The ship spent a couple of days going round and round somewhere off the Falklands for the duration of the storm and not being someone who gets sea sick, I had a great time. The only fly in the woodpile was that, so great was the lurching about of the ship, I got textile burns on me nob through piling it into the bottom sheet when the ship moved.

    A week or so later I met a dried up wizened old bird in Stanley who had come down on the boat. She was some kind of administration officer for the airport project. And she was hot to trot too.

    The bloke who was Q mines (***** the swerve) when I was there snagged an old Benny bird who lived in one of the new houses on the top road. Cant remember her name but every one called her Mother Goose for some reason.
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  11. Boom tish!
  12. Pfft, it's too early for Dale to be awake. She doesn't even know that 12pm exists.
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  13. What the fuck was Val Kilmer doing in drag on the Falklands?
  14. i had carnal knowledge of some delightful female RAF great looker had the piss taken but at least i was getting something :)