Sex and the Armed Forces

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Feb 21, 2005.

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  1. Thought that would attract your attention!
    However, my query concerns the recognition and encouragement of gay relationships in the RN - doubtless Army and RAF will have to follow suit.
    Seems a little strange that no one doubts my fighting spirit and performance if I am fighting alongside my same sex paramour but throw up their hands in horror if the idea of women in the infantry is raised? Do I throw a wobbly if a girlie girl is wounded but soldier on if my moustache-wearing wheelbarrow pushing mate is downed?
    Having written this, I'm off to sit the the panic room.
  2. Old Red Cap,

    Are you male or female?
  3. I don't approve of homosexuality but if a chap is that way and doesn't frighten the horses etc it's his own business.

    I don't approve of encouraging it, and I approve even less of people who think they may gain brownie points (sorry no pun intended) by encouraging it.
  4. My opinion is that the 'blokes will always protect the girlies' argument is overstated and probably invalid, whilst the 'girlies generally aren't physically strong enough for combat roles' is on the money. Men have always been expected to perform in combat alongside brothers, best mates and so on, all of whom carry a weighty emotional load when dismembered or killed; noshing companions probably wouldn't be too different.
  5. Lets all wear pink dresses and go morris dancing in wooden clogs.

    Complete and utter professionalism.......
  6. Concur with mushroom and chickenpunk.

    Re OldRedcap's original post, prejudiced me still has reservations about new lifestyles in the forces, even though I have no problems about such choices in the general community.

    mrs hackle made the point to me some time ago that with men and women often serving in such proximity now compared to when she was in the forces, what is actually different about having a gay person in your section or Corimec.
  7. Bi - curious, so it doesn't really matter.
  8. I'm up for it! can I bring a "friend"? :wink:
  9. Yes, gimp masks and wooden clogs for all.

    Guests have to dress up like Madonna.
  10. As the Bible says: Greater love hath no man................. :lol:
  11. Both on this subject and the 'girlies over the trainasium' stuff, I believe that the oldredcaps and ancientwhiskybreaths should stand back and allow the yoof of today to make their own decisions. Our mindsets aren't in the bodies of those who have to suffer (or enjoy) the consequences of these cultural changes. Whether we would have tolerated them gladly is simply irrelevant now.
  12. The ability of gays to perform their military duties, above and beyond, is well documented and goes back to the earliest times...when such ' liaisons' were encouraged for cohesivness and esprit de corps..

    to wit.. the Sacred Band of Thebes.. 375BCE.. 150 pairs of male lovers was formed into a special company which fought in the battle of Tagyra defeating a Spartan Army reportedly twice its size [ and, no slouch those Spartans -if history is to be believed -recall the battle of Thermopolae 300 held off ' innumerable Persian invaders under Xerxes ] ..

    I think I would rather have someone watching my six who lusted after my butt and thus would expend effort to save it, than have someone who was more interested in saving his at the expense of the squad...
  13. Sacred Band of Thebes? Are you a Goth?
  14. ......than the ARRSE of his Brother?
  15. Male - but - as a civilian was a boss of group (telecoms) that included a fair percentage of gay and lesbian. I worked on basis that so long as they left me alone and did their job, I didn't care what their sex lives amounted to. It worked OK.