Sex and Geometry.

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by BigRonW, Aug 25, 2011.

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  1. I studied for my Psychology degree a LONG while back... It's one of the few subjects (aside from medicine) where sex is a perfectly legitimate subject for study. One thing I learned (and was surprised by) is that women divide into three basic groups, comprising roughly 10%, 30% and 60%. The second group - 30% - are "as depicted in conventional pornography". That is, if you insert a big enough penis (or acceptable substitute), and jiggle it around long enough, she'll orgasm. The largest group - 60% - only orgasm as a result of direct clitoral stimulation. And the third group - 10% - don't orgasm regardless of what's stimulated or how. So much for the figures... which are perfectly legit, and have been known (and largely undisputed) since the late 1960's. Physiologically, it seems that there's a perfectly simple reason: inserting a penis into the vagina and moving it back and forth puts strain on the labia minora ("inner lips") which in turn drags the clitoral "hood" back and forth over the erect clitoris. If the opening of the vagina is more than an inch away from the clit'... then there's simply not enough stress applied to stimulate the clitoris sufficiently.

    I'm intrigued. From personal observation, the above seem to be true... but the geometry of women's crotches covers a FAR wider range than the range displayed by we males. (Despite rumours to the contrary, the standard deviation for penile size is remarkably small. That is... the vast majority of blokes have penises that are basically the same size and shape. A Foot long penis is a statistical rarity) There seems, by contrast, a HUGE range in the size and relative proportions of women's parts: some have hardly any inner lips at all, some have ones so massive that they protrude markedly. some have labia Majora ("Outer Lips") that are prominent enough to form a ridge, others have no ridge at all.

    SO, a straw poll. Does the "an inch or less" rule apply from YOUR experience?
  2. Well, from a practical point of view, I fail to see your point. From an esoteric point of view I can understand the need for some sensitivity regarding the matter. It really depends if you give a ****.

    My sister, who is Canadian (and therefore almost axiomatically gay) told me that whatever the physiological differences, a finger up the bum brings them off a treat (yeah she is a les).

    That's if you care.

    For me its a bonus if she cums her pudding (for her) all I care about is if she swallows.
  3. In my experienec there are two types of women. Those who love **** and those who havn't tried it yet.
  4. Loosely, 30% admit there slags and enjoy it, 60% are actual slags but are too afraid to admit it and 10% are milli tant tight cunted ugly bintzs. Or maybe Nuns.
    Geometry doesnt come into it except perhaps the eliptical curve on the end of the dildo according to masturbation preferences.
  5. I'm working hard to change this graph.....but it may take some time!

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  6. What happened to the other 0.999998%?

    Just a blow-job?
  7. I'd love to carry out field research on this, but Frau Flaggie might object.
  8. I'm not surprised.

    Presuming the figures in your graph are er, accurate:

    0.000001 of a world population of 7,000,000,000 divided by (approximately) 2 (to account for the ones with clunges) gives:

    0.000001 x 7,000,000,000 ÷ 2 = 3,500

    That's some fancy shooting. Have you any tips and hints you'd be prepared to pass on? Just for the other readers, you understand...
  9. Actually its worse than that; the graph says 'people I've had sex with', not women. The actual total is indeed 7000.
  10. If there's a Frau Flaggie, then you already ARE "carrying out research".
  11. Oops, silly me. Of course. Way to go. Dude.
  12. overopensights

    overopensights LE Book Reviewer

    I lay awake one night and couldn't sleep so I counted all my 'successes' I counted using tours of duty and postings so as not to overlap cronological data! I concluded that I had bagged infantry company strength with attachments; all female of course!
  13. Just a somewhat limited population, statistically speaking. But FWIW, my experience (FF being the last in a moderately long series of test objects) has been that all women can have an orgasm, but only a small percentage can do so through intercourse.

    Of course, this may say more about my prowess as a stud than it does about the females of this world ;-)
  14. It's all to do with the position of the clitoris in relation to the vaginal opening, more than 2cm/ 1" approx and a woman will find it hard to achieve orgasm through penetration alone.
    However real men don't worry themselves with such trivia.
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  15. Are you still referring to your sister?
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