**** sex advice.....

Anal sex advice?

Someone should advise this young officer that shirt sleeve order does not apply to mess kit, and the removal of your jacket is a definate no-no.


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WTF? Who cares? Just bend over beehatch and don't cry!
stabandswat said:
the only advice needed is make sure you are the giver and not the receiver.
Surely I'm not only one to laugh my arrse off at this post and your signature combined ;)

Er.. the hyperlink, not the deaf kids.


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I followed the advice in the film, and it worked!
My missuss turn with the brick tonight!
Cowhead said:
Ill Fitting Lightweights - that is the worst picture i have ever seen on here, pls tell me that's not yours...

Yes but very apt when you consider the topic :p
Use lube, get it from my site on my signature! Also suggest not having a curry or sweet corn the night before. ;-0

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