Sex Addict - Be careful what you wish for

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dave8307, Aug 11, 2011.

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  1. Sex addict that likes booze and violence - Where do I sign? :)
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  2. Phone number?
  3. She should just get married - that'll cure the sex addiction and she can still drink.
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  4. How tall is she? Could she be easily hidden in a locker?
  5. HHH

    HHH LE

    She needs to get herself to the nearest Army barracks, after a weekend in the block she'll be meek & mild like a lamb !!
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  6. What you would need to do is hump her, come first, head butt her just as she's about to complain (and to keep her occupied for a few moments), get your keks on pronto and as she's stumbling about the bedroom land a couple of kidney punches. As she's crawling around the floor vomitting, quickly find your shirt and shoes. Get one shoe one, stamp on her fingers, get the other shoe and your shirt on then give her a swift kick to the clout. Then leave.

    She'll respect you in the morning for it.
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  7. You smooth mother fucker!
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  8. I bet the bouncer will get a lot of ribbing from his mates about being toughed up by a 27 year old beautcian girly!
  9. Didn't I see you dining at the Savoy Grill at the end of last term?
  10. Thus speaks a man who is clearly in touch with his female side. He even left her conscious.
  11. You must be a Mills & Boon author......................:)
  12. Don't forget to help yourself to a bottle on the way out!
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  13. Fuck her for as long as you can be arsed, stamina permitting. Once you've shot your load, and she starts getting lairy, punch the cunt right in the grid, and drop her. If she tries to get up, boot her in the head once or twice. If she still tries to get up, another boot in the ribs should take the fight right out of her.

    This will give you wood again, so do her again, any hole (though oral might be risky if she's a bit feisty, and you have left teeth). Then casually get dressed, wiping your cock on the curtains, make an egg banjo to replen the energy spent, and stroll home. Knowing that 1 uppity bint has learned a long overdue lesson.
    Biscuit's method is too wishy washy for uppity bitches.

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  14. "She said: 'Hardly anyone can understand what I am going through on a daily basis. Every hour of every day, all I can think about is sex.'"

    And? I think any bloke between about 10 and 90 can relate to that ... although every second of every day might be nearer the mark.